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Yoga at Maduravani koodam

Maduravani Koodam

This is a 900 sq.ft. Hall, which residents use to Meditate, Study and practice Yoga. This hall is also used to conduct Skill Development classes for children from the local Panchayat School, as a tuition centre for children of the village, and a computer centre for youth and children.

Annapoorna -Feeding hall


(Kitchen cum Dining Hall)

This is a spacious dining hall with a capacity to seat 150 people. We serve quality and nutritious food to our residents and visitors here. The kitchen is well equipped with modern facilities. It is always kept clean and neat. We maintain the best standards of hygiene.



This is a two storied building of about 2500 sq.ft. with basic and essential medical facilities. Women are accommodated on the First Floor and Men on the Second Floor. Round the clock nursing care is provided to individuals who need special medical care.