Gift a Donation

Picking a gift is not always easy. You want it to be unique and memorable and want to communicate just how much you value the persons you are presenting it to.

NLCT would like to suggest a novel method of gifting. People gift honeymoon packages to newly married couples. Similarly you could gift the couple a donation to NLCT in cash or kind, which would be like a special blessing to the couple, from a hundred odd residents of our Home. Special Prayers will be observed by the Home Residents to mark the occasion and a letter acknowledging our gratitude will be sent to both you and the newly married couple. This would give, both, you and the couple, the satisfaction of knowing that, together, you are making a difference in the lives of several underprivileged people.

The occasion could be anything – a birthday of a loved one, a wedding anniversary, or just any celebration...

Special Occasions

Wedding Donation

Birthday Donation

With this gesture you can add to the warmth and joy of the occasion as well make a difference in the life of the destitute. Why wait to feel the joy of giving? Follow the steps below

  • Select your occasion
  • Fill in your name, email, phone and message
  • Make your contribution and submit