Yoga at Maduravani koodam

Maduravani Koodam

This is a 900 sq.ft. Hall, which residents use to Meditate, Study and practice Yoga.

Annapoorna -Feeding hall


This is a spacious dining hall with a capacity to seat 150 people. We serve quality and nutritious food to our residents and visitors here.



This is a 2 storied building of about 2500 sq.ft. with essential medical facilities.

Newlife Children going to near government school


Free books, stationery, uniforms, shoes and skill development programs for school kids of the Home and the Govt. Middle School in the Village

village development

Village Development

We take part in Village Community Development Programs for proper infrastructure facilities viz. Road, Water, Drainage, Sanitation and planting of trees.

medical camp-newlife

Medical Centre

The basic Health Care forms the backbone of selfless service to more than approx.3000 people both adults and children.

goshala-newlife-cow production

Lakshmi Nivas – Goshala

We serve the noble cause of cow protection in a humble way with great care and love. The cows are maintained till the end of their lives happily and are never sold when they become old.

saranagathi home old age-women-yoga

Saranagathi – Old Age Home

It is the misfortune of the old to be neglected or disgraceful of the youngsters to neglect them and with time the menace is growing as our Unitarian culture is breaking into nuclear families.

new life children

Gokulam & MOTTUKAL (Boys’ Home) – Children Home

It’s a well known proverb “Children are gift of GOD” and no child is born orphan. Many children are separated from their parents due to natural disasters, disease, poverty or pressured by circumstance and cultural rejection.