Wedding Donation

To acknowledge your gift, we can provide beautiful cards, printed announcements or a laminated certificate announcing to your guests the generous donation you made.

We are excited to offer you the chance to create a fundraising webpage in honour of your wedding. You can personalize the page by adding your own unique story and photo, then email family and friends to request donations to The Children’s – or even include an insert in your wedding invitation with the address of your fundraising page.

village development

Village Development

We take part in Village Community Development Programs for proper infrastructure facilities viz. Road, Water, Drainage, Sanitation and planting of trees.

Periodic Free medical camps are arranged and medicines supplied to the Home inmates as well as to the entire Villagers;

We empower Village Women Folk (Self Help Groups) to start their own Small scale/ Cottage Industry through NLCT. We adopted 28 widows for social up-lift;

The New Life Charitable Trust started a movement in Eraiyur Village, located in Sriperumbudur, Tamilnadu, India to render a selfless service to parentless and the old. The village is 50 kilometer away from the Cosmopolitan City of Chennai, and 21 kilometer from Sub-urban town of Tambaram, and was not connected with road. In 1992 with repeated efforts with Public Welfare Department, a road was laid to Eraiyur and now one public bus is plying through this route.

The entire Eraiyur village is drought prone and has absolutely no yield of ground water the government supplied water is brought to this village everyday through pipelines only for few hours. Yet this is another major problem that New Life NGO and the villagers are facing. The New Life Charitable Trust along with Panchayat Board Leader worked with VHERDS (Voluntary Health Education and Rural Development Society) who donated a 5 HP motor, and drinking water was brought to the village.

The first hospital giving basic care was around 9 kilometer away from our home, for any emergency, the residents had to be brought to Tambaram some 21 kilometer for treatment. In year 2001, NEW LIFE MEDICAL CENTRE was inaugurated by Mr. T.P.Radhakrishnan, Secretary, VHERDS (Voluntary Health Education and Rural Development Society). The Medical Center has visiting Doctors twice a week supplying free medical check-ups and medicines. Weekly camp is organised under the leadership of Dr. M. Gopalaswamy in network basis through which about 25 doctors visit the Camp on turns and provide free treatment and medicines to the residents and the villagers.

medical camp-newlife

Medical Centre

As the saying goes “Health is Wealth”! At New Life, we take the responsibility of providing adequate and appropriate Health Care very seriously. The Medical Centre at our premises not only caters to our inmates but also serves the entire community at Eraiyur, which otherwise lacks medical facilities up to a 9 km radius. Our Medical Centre renders this humanitarian service to more than 3000 people, both adults and children.

We have visiting doctors from Medical associations and Sri Sathya Medical Hospital. Medical camps are conducted at regular intervals and medicines are supplied free of cost. The centre maintains proper medical records for the residents of the entire village.

A fully equipped ambulance is available round the clock. The centre also has a generator back up for emergencies.

goshala-newlife-cow production

Lakshmi Nivas – Goshala

Goshala (Lakshmi Nivas), constructed in the year 2009 in the premises of New Life, is a happy home for more than 58 cows now, maintained in a natural and peaceful atmosphere. We serve the noble cause of cow protection in a humble way with great care and love. The cows are maintained till the end of their lives happily and are never sold when they become old.

We provide employment to Ladies from poor families in the village to maintain Goshala.

The milk produced is used for inmates of the Home as well as other children and infants of the village.

We need your support as there is a great struggle to maintain so many animals since only a small number of the herd produces milk.

saranagathi home old age-women-yoga

Saranagathi – Old Age Home

This is a home for the destitute and abandoned adults. New Life presently supports 70 aged people, who either have no immediate family members or have been abandoned by their kith and kin.

At Saranagathi, they are provided food, shelter, clothing and medical aid, along with love, care and affection. They feel at home here and can spend the rest of their lives peacefully.


new life children

Gokulam & MOTTUKAL (Boys’ Home) – Children Home

It’s a well known proverb that “Children are the gift of God” and no child is born an orphan. Many children are separated from their parents due to natural disasters, disease, poverty, death of a parent or both. Some others leave their homes, pressured by circumstances. Some of them are even abandoned and left behind in maternity wards because they are born with “imperfections”.

At New Life, we have adopted 15 such helpless children of various ages, all reared as one family with love and affection. They are provided food, clothing, shelter, education, medical care and spiritual guidance.